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  Schedule a Discovery Workshop and let the spark of  INNOVATION be your guide.

A strong online presence is critical for all companies today. But if you're not sure how to get started, let's schedule a Discovery Workshop

The Discovery Workshop is an intensive, three to four-hour, session where we develop specific SMART goals for your business, review a prepared analysis and audit of your existing website, and compete the Webvantix Website Worksheet. 

After the Workshop, we will compile and forward you a comprehensive report detailing all aspects of your business goals, site shortcomings and strengths, and competition analysis.

Simply put, the workshop will enable you as the business owner to understand where you are with the digital arm of your business, identify what’s not working, and lay out a road-map for fixing it.

Website Analysis and Audit

Using several available technologies we take a deep-dive into your existing website to understand it’s overall performance. 

Results are presented and discussed at the workshop.

Design &
User Experience

Is your site user friendly? Mobile friendly? Does your branding stand out? Is it the site easy to navigate?

conversion optimization

Do you have well-placed Calls to Action? Are the converting? What's your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Performance & security

Is your site susceptible to hacking? What type of security and backup systems are in place? How fast does your site load?

Online Visibility

Keyword ranking? Online search visibility? Keywords in density? Page title length?
Meta titles and descriptions.

Doing the one-on-one workshop with Preston helped me see the incredible level of professionalism in the whole process he has put in place at Webvantix.  The time we worked to lay out my goals actually became very emotional for me.  I realized what I really needed to do to get my business humming at its new location.  Now those goals are being exceeded, and I have a scheduled conference call with Preston every two weeks.  His work has created so many new riders for us; I just cannot speak highly enough about what he has done.

Jessica Beyer-Harrell

Founder & Owner, California Riding Academy

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