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Why Webvantix?

At Webvantix each website we develop leverages strategically placed Calls To Action, along with beautiful photography to create new prospects for our clients. Yet, the only way this can be done is if we work not just to build you a new website, but as trusted consultants, helping you to quantify, and reach specific goals.

What Are The Biggest Problems When Having a New Website Built?

You want a new website. But here’s what business owners always ask themselves: Who do I hire? Or should I do it myself?  We hear that a lot!  Here’s the answer:

If you can build a beautiful website that helps you accomplish your goals, like generating new business, and you’ve got the time, as in dozens, or even hundreds, of hours, go for it.

If you don’t have that much time to spare, or know nothing about developing a website, hire a pro.

What Really Sets Us Apart?


Webvantix has been building websites since 2007.  During that time our focus has always been on delivering websites that help our clients win new business.


We work in WordPress. The platform is flexible and easy for our clients to understand.  Further, the structure of the today’s themes allows for a clean, sleek look that loads fast!


Have you ever landed on a website that was just a mess?  Would you hire them?  We design sites that highlight how professional your business is.  That’s what counts.


One of the most important aspects of a great website is its images.  There’s just a huge difference.  We can bring our professional imaging skills to your site too.


Need video?  We got you covered.  Our partnership with Endless Echo allows us to offer all types of professional video services, including extensive drone work.


Need it yesterday? We live in that kind of world. We dig in fast and go to work to get your site up and running quick. No delays. No excuses. We just get it done.


We utilize Yoast to ensure each of your pages is structured correctly, and your site maps are up to date and filed with Google. Easy to overlook, but so important.

Mobile Responsive+

 With Responsive Plus+ we re-code any responsive elements that just don’t look quite right into desktop, tablet, and phone versions, so they’re perfect, and professional.


Many of our clients have had developers vanish.  Poof!  At Webvantix we always talk to our clients.  And in over ten years never, ever have disappeared on anyone.

Case Study

Jen Murphy Fitness

Milford, Pennsylvania

The Brief

Like so many businesses, Jennifer had her website built by a web designer, whose job ended there.  The site was built, launched, and forgotten.  Again, like many business owners, Jennifer thought she had done what was necessary.  But unfortunately, when asked what her site had been doing for her, she couldn’t quantify an answer.  She just had no idea if her site was doing anything to help her local fitness business.

The  Approach

Jennifer needed to grow her business that was situated in a very small town.  She needed to leverage her online presence to gently  assure prospective clients that her fitness facility was a welcoming, friendly place for everyone.   As many people are hesitant to step into a new environment where they are or feel unknown, it was important to impart a level of comfort.  This was achieved by using calls to action that led to a personal, confidential, and private consultation with Jennifer, instead of simply walking into a crowded fitness facility.

The Result

By employing properly placed calls to action, meetings with prospective clients skyrocketed, as did membership, and personal training customers.  Over the last four years Jennifer has gone from 18 classes each week to 47, built a brand new spinning room, and added a yoga studio.  And has jumped from four instructors to 16.

“The site, along with Preston’s ongoing consultation, has been the driver for my business over the last several years.  Very simply, it is the center of everything we do from a marketing standpoint.  But it’s funny, almost all of my leads come in after I’ve gone to bed.”

Jennifer Murphy
Owner, Jen Murphy Fitness

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