The Process

Employing a Very Specific Step-by-Step Process

By using a proven process for the development of our websites, we ensure that we are creating what our clients want, and what is going to best aid them in the realization of their stated goals.

The Process

Creation of Brief

The creation of the brief, the document that determines the goals of the website and begins to outline the content and layout, is generated by very specific questions about why you need a new website, and what you hope to gain from it.  Some of the questions may be challenging and difficult to answer, but uncovering as much information as possible helps to ensure a better site and better results.  The final brief serves as the ultimate blueprint for the new site.

Development of Sitemap

Once the brief is finalized, a visual sitemap is created, enabling everyone to get on the same page, to further ensure the site is being developed properly, and the information will be displayed on the site correctly.

Collection of Content

Using the sitemap as a guide, content will be collected or created for each page.  This ensures that along with any collateral media, the necessary content will be available in a timely manner.


Principal photography for the site is created at this time, including any necessary video or drone footage.


With no attention to design at this time, an interactive prototype is created, therefore allowing the client to see the actual working layout of the site.  This help further eliminate any misunderstanding, before design coding is initiated.


At this point, content, images, video, and design come together to take shape as the primary iteration of the completed website.  Thing start to look pretty.  Get ready for the ohhhs, and ahhhs!


Final checks and review are made to ensure all aspects of the site are working correctly.  Meanwhile, the client is reviewing each page to ensure the content is correct and accurate.  Mobile versions are also checked for layout and usability.  A final punch list is created with the client to ensure nothing is overlooked.  Once the punch list is complete, the site is launched and finalized.

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