Should You Hire a Pro to Build Your Business Website?

The most upending event in recent history has been the pandemic. Its devastation ravaged lives, livelihoods, and businesses. That’s why it’s not surprising that small businesses are still scrambling to set up websites to help keep them afloat. In many ways it’s gone from a task that has been perpetually put-off, to one of desperation to complete.

However, haste makes waste. Have a think before you hitch your wagon to a big name website development company. Yes, they will churn out a site for you. But do they really take the time to know you, and know your business?

What Has Your Website Done for You?

Of course, the big dogs in the website architecture and design space are doing just fine. Their ‘plug-and-play’ and ‘do-it-yourself’ for a seemingly affordable monthly fee is more than appealing to most – especially first-timers trying to figure out how to be a player in the online arena without assistance. The DIY world has convinced us that we can do anything, do it better, and do it cheaper.

But ask yourself how frustrating building a website is. How many hours and phone calls, and emails to support does it takes get something to look right. Are those hours wasted time you should have been focusing your your business niche? So, what often happens? The project is forgotten, abandoned, ignored. But now, landing business face to face is not always an option. Business is often won based on one’s online presence.

For those that have a site they set up, ask yourself: what has my website done for me?

Cheap? Sure. Drop, drag, and click? Yep. The danger? Forgoing the opportunity to partner with a firm that will commit to your efforts personally could cost you in the end: stagnant sales, low-traffic, and ineffective presence in your respective industries. Perhaps it’s time to think long-term and not short-term.

Working with a developer who takes the time to know you, your business, and your goals has a much greater possibility creating a site that will help you execute. Even small nuances to a site can mean dramatic improvements in “bounce,” “time on site,” and “conversion rates.”

“From the beginning of the project, Preston was very attentive. He always listened, and worked to make sure what we wanted was always the focus,” said Mary Ann Hale, Owner of Lords Valley Builders, in Lords Valley, Pennsylvania.

Build Your Business Website – To Hire a Pro or Not to Hire a Pro

Pivoting to the “new normal” of commercial transactions hasn’t been as smooth for American small business owners as it has for larger entities. Those who’ve stayed afloat have been drinking from the firehose of reality: websites are how to make the donuts, even more now than before.

Would You Tune Your Ferrari?

Here’s the thing: our clients always vent about why they hemmed and hawed before finally working with a professional. By the end of their Webvantix experience, they exhale with relief and now appreciate why tailored, personal collaborations with dedicated experts produce the best results. And we’ve heard time and time again, how happy clients have been that a pro helped them through the process.

“I knew I needed help and needed it fast. I could not understand why my developer was taking so long just to get back to me. Weeks. I was desperate. Preston stepped in, took hold of the process, quickly got things on track, and built out a beautiful site, that has literally saved my business. I get emails requesting riding packages almost daily,” said Jessica Beyer-Harrell, from the California Riding Academy.

Love the Web Design Process

It’s highly doubtful that you threw together a business plan, borrowed a bunch of money for start-up costs, and took a que sera sera approach when you launched your business. More than likely, you followed the tried and true blueprint for starting your own business.

Well, that’s how Webvantix works, too.

We employ a step-by-step process when working with clients – starting with building a trusting partnership.

First, we’re in the trenches with clients, and take the time to listen to their visions. By doing so, we develop the kind of utility, navigation, functionality, and platform interactions we need to consider.

Second, we teach clients about the subtle yet nuanced purposes for exercising deliberation when crafting their site.

Third, we keep up with marketing trends, which means we will identify the best technology platforms for your business’ lead generation and growth.

Our mission is to build a website that – literally – works for you.

Building a New Website – It’s Actually Kind of Fun

By teaching clients that they’re not expected to know coding, hosting, or get an advanced degree in website development and design, they are able to relax and participate with our team without distraction or worry.

“From the beginning of the project, Preston was very attentive. He always listened, and worked to make sure what we wanted was always the focus,” said Mary Ann Hale, Owner of Lords Valley Builders, in Lords Valley, Pennsylvania.

“He explained things we did not understand, and was always available to answer our questions. We dreaded having a website built so much that we put it off for years. We were always going to do it, but never did.

“Preston just made it easy and fun, and here’s the thing, since the launch we’ve already closed on building a $600,000 home, specifically because of the website, and have several other leads totaling over $1,000,000. Because of the process, we get leads all the time, right in the middle of the pandemic.”

Should We Talk?

After the rollercoaster that was 2020, there’s no excuse for you to enter 2021 without seeking and establishing relationships with website designers who care as much about your success as you do.

And that’s Webvantix.

We will teach and explain the value propositions, returns on investment, and brainstorm with you to find creative approaches to generate new business by designing a stellar website.

Take that First Step

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