Google Rolls Out Two-Step Verification for Google Apps

For those of you who have been, understandably, reluctant to add your sensitive documents in the Google cloud, Google has announced “Two-step verification” for its Google Apps and soon to come for all individual Google users.  This will, according to Google, “significantly increases the security of the cloud.”  Essentially, two-step verification will be set up by the Google Apps administrator, and will requires to methods of identification:  a password and a mobile phone.  The best part of this is that once you enter your password, a code is texted to your mobile phone, you then enter the code and away you go.  If you don’t get the code, you are denied access.

This technology is similar to what online banks have been using for years and greatly reduces the capabilities of spy programs that are designed to watch you enter your password, as the code that is generated is different each time you access Google Apps.  Very cool!  If you want to read more about it, it’s on the Google Small Business Blog.

Preston Ehrler, Webvantix

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